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Mental and Physical Health

How Does Mental Health Affect Physical Health?


  • Your sense of balance is linked to the amount of anxiety you have?
  • That an anger management problem can raise your risk for heart disease by 10 times?
  • Or that those with schizophrenia or depression are at a dramatically increased risk for diabetes?

Many people are not aware just how intimately their mental health is related to their physical health.

Reversely, those with an upstanding physical health problem are at a drastically increased chance of developing a mental health problem.

It seems a vicious cycle. The worse your mental health is; the worse your physical health is. And vice versa.

Although it may seem hopeless – it doesn’t have to be!

But in the quest to achieve optimal health, where do you start?

Ultimately, your goal should be to let your mental and physical health work together to improve your health, rather than bring it down.

You just have to learn how to get them in synchronization with each other.

How Can You Use Your Physical Health to Improve Your Mental Health?

The best thing you can do for your mind is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. When your body is functioning as it is meant to, it will have the energy it needs to combat the free radicals associated with stress and other mental health issues.

  • Exercise regularly. Add 20 minutes of physical activity to every day. There are many easy ways to incorporate fitness into your day; all it takes is a little creativity. Don’t take that short cut when you walk home. Do a week long boycott of elevators. Run up the last flight of stairs. With your body at optimal weight, it will function better in many other areas.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Don’t comply to society’s all too popular obsession with convenience. Skip the drive through! Pick up a Canadian Guide to Health Eating instead. Are you getting your full number of fruit and vegetable servings?
  • Make sure you consume enough vitamins. A vitamin deficiency could be a cause of many of your health problems, without your realization! Getting sufficient vitamins will keep your immune system on its toes, and keep your nerves in check.

How Can You Use Your Mental Health to Improve Your Physical Health?

The easiest way to improve your physical health with your mental health is to keep everything in perspective. Avoid stress by adopting a positive attitude. If your body doesn’t have to worry about eliminating the chemicals created by stress, it will have more energy to protect you from diseases. For further coping strategies, see our Dealing With Stress page.

Many mental health issues are accompanied by physical concerns, including an imbalance of hormones, insomnia, and a decreased functionality of the immune system. In addition, certain medications for mental health are known to contribute to weight gain, and obesity.

Not only is your mental health just as important as your physical health; in many cases it’s the same exact thing.

Protect your mind; protect your body.

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