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Why Should I Be Worried About Measles All Of A Sudden?

Until very recently, measles has sat very low on the North American radar for health risks.  Recent outbreaks should make us think otherwise!

For the past few years Canada has managed to remain reasonably clear of measles. In fact, between 2002 and 2010 Canada was only exposed to 327 confirmed cases of measles. For a virus which annually affects over 1 million people worldwide, this is extraordinary news.

Most Canadians have a boosted resistance to this virus, because of our immunization program. However, the same cannot be said for most other countries. This raises the risk of exposure and contraction of measles when one travels.

As it turns out measles can be contracted by people who travel outside of North America. Although the vaccinations are extremely effective, if the immune system is weak enough measles can still affect an immunized body.

Unfortunately, measles has worked its way back into the news with recent outbreaks in Canada. Between January and early June of 2011, there were 254 cases of measles in Quebec. It appears as though the virus was brought back to Canada from recent vacations to France.

Such a sudden outbreak is alarming! The number cases reported within the past 5.5 months is absurdly close to the number of cases reported during the previous 9 years.

The United States have also experienced a much higher prevalence of the measles. The American Centers for Disease Control has reported the highest number of measles outbreaks in 5 years.

What are the Dangers of Measles?

With an incubation period of 10 days, people could be infected and contagious with measles before they even realize.

About 10 days after exposure the symptoms become prevalent:

  • Coughing
  • Fever
  • Koplik spots – white spots appearing the inside of the mouth
  • Runny nose

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In Canada, there is generally one death for every 3,000 cases of measles. Death by measles occurs only when the body loses control of the disease. Thankfully, most North Americans have been immunized against measles. However, the full extent of damage and control of measles depends on the strength of a person’s immune system. If you want to attempt FULL protection from the measles, you will need your body strong and well supplied.

This is particularly important if you are a traveller.

Because of the immunization project, most North Americans have forgotten about measles. Now more than ever it is important to prepare our bodies from the onset of this dangerous virus.

How can I keep my immune system strong?

The most important step to preventing the measles is to ensure your immunizations are up to date. If they are, great! But there is still more you can do to maintain the protection the vaccine gives you.

The contraction and combat of measles depends on the strength of your immune system. If measles enters your body, the strength of your immune system will determine the extent to which the virus affects you.

Therefore it is vital that you provide your body with everything it needs in order to keep your immune system strong and alert.

What does your immune system crave? Antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin D, are great starts!

Learn more about the benefits of a strong immune system.

Give your body what it needs. Let your health be an asset to your success rather than a challenge.

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