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Immune System

Understanding the Immune System

Without the immune system, our bodies would literally fall apart at the seams.

The system is so vastly intricate that new aspects of it are being discovered all the time!

Despite the impossible amount of knowledge available on the immune system, most people don’t even understand the basics.

You know the immune system protects you from diseases. You know that it fights off bacteria and viruses.

But do you know HOW? And more importantly, do you know how you can help it do its job?

The Basics

The immune system has three main jobs:

  • to act as a protective barrier between you and the infectious dangers of the world.
  • to identify when an infection has entered the body.
  • to eliminate any bacteria or virus which makes it past the protective barrier.

Your immune system is doing massive amounts of behind the scenes work that you aren’t even aware of! Its goal is to allow you to live your life without having to put conscious effort into infection combat.

For example, you might not know that your immune system secretes an anti-bacterial substance to kill threats before they can enter the body. Saliva, tears, and mucus all contain powerful enzymes which attack bacteria. These aspects contribute to the immune systems barrier. In addition there are phenomenal amounts of defence against disease within the body. The immune system is a silent powerhouse, making our lives easier every minute.

But just because you don’t have to manually apply antibacterial protection every hour doesn’t mean protection of your body is completely out of your control!

You need to be helping your immune system by paying attention to what you eat.

When you eat poorly, you fill your body with dangerous toxins which distract the immune system from its main job. The immune system has a difficult enough job protecting you from the world, why force it to protect you from yourself?

If you are introducing your body to more toxins than it can handle, AND depleting it from the nutrients it needs to do its job, how can you expect it to protect you?

What Does Your Immune System Need?

In order to achieve maximum protection, your immune system needs to be properly supplied with the right vitamins and minerals. Many vitamins play essential roles in the immune system.

Just to name a few:

Vitamin B contributes to protection of the nervous system.

Vitamin C is used by the immune system to heal wounds. This contributes to the defence barrier.

Vitamin E strengthens cell membranes, which further improves defense.

Vitamin D is responsible for metabolizing calcium. Deficient amounts lead to weakened bones in need of healing.

While the immune system is distracted by fixing what a vitamin-deficient body has broken, its defenses against other infections are weakened. Vitamin deficiencies are easy to fix. Vitamin supplements are available in a variety of forms, and are very easy to take.

You decide what you put in your body. Why not deplete it of toxins instead of vitamins? Give your immune system what it needs.

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