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Vitamins you know that only 20% of Americans are eating the recommended number of fruit servings per day?

80% of America is depleting their bodies of essential vitamins and minerals! No wonder the rate of illness is on a steady incline!

Maybe the problem is that the majority of us are uneducated when it comes to information on vitamins.

Educate yourself out of a vitamin deficiency!


Why Are Vitamins Important?


·     Vitamins also play a significant role in balancing emotions, substantially improving ones mental health.


·     Vitamins are vital to the strength of your immune system. The saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is cliché for a reason! Fruits and vegetables are essential to preventing illnesses and infections.


·    Vitamins aid in energy production. Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you experience the nightmare of insomnia? You might be experiencing the effects of a vitamin deficiency.


·     Many vitamins work together with minerals, aiding in their absorption. Don’t think that you if you have enough essential minerals in your diet, you can skip out on your vitamins…It isn’t one or the other! Vitamins and minerals need to be taken in sufficient amounts at the same time.


What Do Different Types of Vitamins Do in the Body?

There are so many different types of vitamins, it’s easy to consider them as the same thing. But it’s important to ensure you are getting a sufficient amount of EVERY type of essential vitamin. Having 300% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C isn’t any better than having 100% – your body can only absorb so much of one thing in one day! Make sure you are getting a wide variety of vitamins from a diverse range of foods.

What are the different vitamins?

·      Vitamin C is essential to the immune system. It aids in healing wounds, and the formation of tissue, bones, and teeth.


·     Vitamin A also aids in body tissue formation. It is also responsible for many other vital bodily processes regarding sight, reproduction, growth, and the nervous system.


·     There are several different types of Vitamin B. Some types help with metabolism, the production of blood cells, and the protection of the nervous system.


·       Vitamin D aids the body’s absorption of essential minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.


·       Vitamin E directly aids the immune system on disease prevention by protecting the membranes of cells.


·       Vitamin K again aids the immune system by aiding with blood clotting and scab formation around wounds.


Our bodies are able to produce SOME vitamin K and vitamin D naturally through exposure to sun and intestinal bacterial. But all of the other vitamins much be brought into the body through our diet!

Where Can I Get These Vitamins?

These days it can seem impossible to have time for a healthy diet.

Thank goodness for vitamin supplements!

Start giving your body what it needs today.