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Health Risks Have you looked at the health section of the news lately?

Recent research on exposure to electromagnetic fields suggests that cellphone usage may increase a person’s risk of cancer.

The swine flu snuck up on the world, and by 2011 is has horrifyingly caused 1,438,880 infections and 14,337 deaths.

With all the well-deserved attention disease related issues are receiving these days, health is at the forefront of many minds. Are you taking sufficient steps to maintain yours?

You could be at risk for any number of debilitating diseases and not even be aware.

Your body is an amazing thing. It can protect itself from many risks, as long as you provide it with the strength and energy that it needs. It is vital that you keep your immune system strong and alert, so that it is ready to combat any health risks that come its way.

But if you don’t know what you are at risk FOR, how can you possibly take action to prevent yourself?

It is vital to take action against the onset of disease. It is essential to prepare your body for anything that may come its way.

The first step to a healthy body is to make sure you are informed.

Between 1975 and 2009, Canadian spending on health care doubled. Why such an increase? Perhaps the answer is that we are at more of a risk for many diseases.

In 2009 an astounding $137.3 billion was spent on health care. There is no shortage of resources for an aspiring health expert. There is no excuse to be poorly educated on your body!

In 2007, there were approximately 235,000 Canadian deaths. This was the largest increase of deaths in 14 years.

There are a number of complex reasons for this traumatic increase.

One issue that most people are unaware of is mineral depletion. Because of recent mineral depletion in soils, much of the food we eat is insufficiently nutritious! Much of the population is already taking vitamin supplements. Are you?

Another major contributor to our declining heath is the shift in our lifestyle choices. The typical North American is busy. Their schedule is full and their pockets are empty. Unfortunately, the fast food industry has managed to keep up with society’s mile-a-minute pace – by continually offering more and more unhealthy choices. Their variety is astounding! Now you can clog your arteries in just about any flavour you can imagine! But it is important to realize that our obsession with convenience isn’t the only thing that’s growing…Over half of North America is overweight or obese.

Do you know what YOU’RE at risk for? Start by educating yourself on the dangers of the health concerns you MAY be at risk for. Learn how the disease works, and explore potential prevention plans.

Ask yourself: