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Dealing With Stress

Dealing With Stress

Is stress controlling your life?

Now you know How Stress Works and the dangerous toll it can take on your body. You’re probably asking yourself, “How can I protect myself from stress? How can I eliminate stress from my life?”

Thankfully, there are a number of strategies which can help you eliminate and cope with stressful situations in your life.

Stress becomes a problem when you acknowledge a situation as demanding. Situations become demanding when they force you to adapt to a new circumstance, or push you outside of your comfort zone. The chemical reaction of stress is triggered by worry. Here are some steps you can take towards living a more worry-free life:

  • Adopt a positive attitude. Positive thinking really does work! By embracing every challenge life throws your way with a sense of humor, you are less likely to expose yourself to the negative mindset that leads stressed-out people to think “I can’t handle this right now”.
  • Develop a confidence in yourself. Instead of thinking “This is impossible”, figure out how you can use your unique skill set to solve a problem. Every success is proof that your worry is unnecessary. Every failure is a chance to learn from your mistakes.
  • Understand that stress is as simple as a chemical reaction. Taking the mystery away from the effects of stress can make it feel a lot more manageable. Once you know how simple stress really is, you will feel even more confident in your ability to eliminate it.
  • Be prepared for stress. Don’t let stressful situations sneak up on you. Plan ahead, and anticipate stress before it has a chance to affect you.
  • Talk to your friends and family. Everyone experiences the threat of stress. Talking about your worries with your loved ones might help give you some relieving perspective.
  • Stay in tune with your emotions. It may sounds simple, but many reports of stress are due to confusion over why one feels the way they do. If you feel angry, figure out why. If you feel sad, pinpoint the cause. Then deal with the reasons accordingly.
  • Realize that stress is a mind game. You win if you are able to stay in control of your worry. Approach every stressful situation as a mental test, and come away smiling.

These techniques are a great way to improve your stress levels and your quality of life. However, there is one very easy way to deal directly with the chemical reaction in the body associated with stress.

The simple way to combat the physiological effects of stress is to get rid of harmful free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive disease-causing molecules that enter the body because of stress. These molecules take a huge toll on the immune system, and to maintain your health, you should be doing everything you can to eliminate them!

Fortunately, there is one easy way to eliminate free radicals. Antioxidants! Learn more about how you can use them to reduce your stress on our antioxidants page.

Take charge of your body; take charge of your life. Start controlling your stress today.

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