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January 28th, 2011 Posted in Health Juice, Weight Loss

Understanding Your Health

Why is Understanding Your Health Important?


How well do you understand your body?

How much of the health information available today actually relates to YOU?

Why is understanding your health so important?

Did you know:

In 2005, over two million Canadian employed adults were obese.

In 2007, over 65,500 Canadians died as a direct result of cancer.

These statistics seem bizarrely high – and they are! Especially if you know how easy protecting your body can be.

 In many cases, unsuccessful health is a result of misinformation. Many diseases are contracted simply because people did not take sufficient steps to prepare their bodies against health risks.

How can you understand and improve your health?

The first step is to expose yourself to the right information.

Far too many of us are unaware of the extent of the health risks in the world right now.

Our society is in the Information Age right now! Information is readily available for extraction from several different forms of media. You can barely walk from the grocery store to the parking lot without being informed of some new weight loss program, pandemic outbreak, or nutrition discovery.

Although the accessibility of information could be seen as an asset to our health, perhaps it is actually adding to the global health problems prevalent today. Even if you KNOW that there is good information somewhere out there, perhaps the sheer amount of it can be overwhelming.

 Where do you look? How do you determine credibility? What do you REALLY need to know?

These days, too many sources are unconcerned with answering all of these questions in one place. You might find a credible source that feeds you the WHAT of a situation, but neglects to explain why it applies to you or how you can change your life based on the information.

Here at Understanding Your Health we are dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date and relevant health information. Information that will help you understand how to use your health to improve your life. And information that will lengthen it.

And most importantly, we are here to show you WHY the information matters, and HOW you can use your new understanding of health to better your life.

Want to improve your life by understanding your health? Start today.

In the past few years there have been reports some modest improvements regarding our lifestyles. Vegetable consumption has increased discreetly. The prevalence of heavy drinking has decreased by a bit. Smoking rates have dropped.

Our society is realizing that improvements need to be made to our unhealthy lifestyles. This is a great start! But the changes need to be far more drastic than eating an extra apple in the morning.

Learn more further on our website.

Do you use nutrition to its full extent?

Are you keeping your body strong by paying attention to fitness?

Do you know about the various health risks prevalent today?

Are you aware of the importance of mental health?

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