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Vitamin D




Great News!

Vemma contains Vitamin D. This is a very important vitamin that should be part of your daily diet. This becomes especially important in the winter months when your exposure to sun is limited.

Vemma Partners with Vitamin D

You need to build up your defense mechanisms. Vitamin D builds your defense system unlike any other vitamin.

So what is Vitamin D…

It is basically a steroid vitamin for your body. It helps the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous. It has also been studied that Vitamin D helps with weight loss.

How do you receive Vitamin D?

You receive it from exposure to sunlight, food, and supplements. And now you also receive this fabulous vitamin in a bottle of Vemma.


The following is a list of important benefits of this vitamin that is included in Vemma.

  • Helps with absorption of calcium and phosphorous. The main function of which is maintenance of healthy bones and teeth
  • Helps to keep your immune system strong and in balance
  • It has also been studied that it helps the immune system fight against cold
  • Another study conducted by Oregon Health & Science University shows signs that it helps the brain function in later years of your life
  • It may reduce the chances of multiple sclerosis. If you are not getting enough sunlight your chances for this disorder increases
  • It is also linked to maintaining healthy body weight, as concluded by a study by Medical College of Georgia, USA
  • It reduces the severity of asthma
  • It reduces the chances of developing rheumatoid arthritis in woman
  • Various studies have also shown that individuals with adequate levels of Vitamin D have a lower chance of developing cancer compared with people that have low levels.


It can be hard to get sunlight exposure in Canada during the winter months. You are getting the winter blues. You are not going for your usual All Your Vitamin Needs Are in Vemma!walk. All these variables affect your health in many different ways. When your health is affected it affects your family and work life.

It is time that you take care of your health and enjoy your life even during the winter blues!

Start taking Vemma. A juice concentrate that you can mix with a glass of water and it provides your body with all the Vitamin D it needs. This formula has been specifically designed to help your body absorb all the nutrients in it.


Vemma has been clinically tested by independent research laboratories. A journal has been published in the highly acclaimed “Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry”. The journal concludes that Vemma shows increases in vitamin and antioxidants in the blood.

The “Journal of Medicinal Food” has also published an independently completed research on the benefits of Mangosteen included in Vemma’s formula.

It is time you try new things to keep your body health. Starting taking Vemma and your daily dosage of Vitamin D that’s included in it. Vemma, helping you in your journey towards life long happiness and health.

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