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Vitamin C



Vitamin C

You have heard about the importance and significance of Vitamin C. You already know that you should either have Vitamin C in your diet or take Vitamin C supplements. So what is keeping you away from this essential Vitamin?

Your busy life is keeping you away from Vitamin C. You seem to make time for meetings, presentations, and deadlines, but never for what your body is begging you to take!

Here are some important facts about Vitamin C:

1) Recommended dosage: You should take 60 mgs of Vitamin C per day

2) Growth and Repair: You need Vitamin C for the growth and repair of tissues in your body, this is especially necessary for young children.

3) Healing wounds: Helps to heal your wounds faster so you can get back to staying active and having fun

4) Bones and teeth: Helps in the growth and maintenance of bones and teeth. Have healthy and good looking smile!

5) Cancer: Helps to reduce chances of cancer in your body

The benefits of Vitamin C are endless and so are your meetings and deadlines! Most people in today’s hectic life do not take a proper diet let alone Vitamin C supplements.


A simple, delicious, and healthy juice that will give you a BLAST of Vitamin C. This clinically tested and proven juice formula by Vemma is the best juice available in today’s market. There is no other drink that can compete with it!

This juice is easy to take and you won’t have to leave your meetings or presentations! You can mix the Vemma formula with a cold glass of water and have it while you are in your meetings. You will be taking your daily Vitamin C dosage as well as attending the meetings!

Vemma Verve

Are you always on the run? But you stumble because you have run out of energy?

Well Vemma Verve has been designed specifically for you! Take it after your work out or during your work out. It gives you the same energy as other “energy” drinks without the tons of sugar and calories that are bad for you. It is full of powerful vitamins and minerals.

Vemma P.M

Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you not getting enough sleep? This leads to you being out of energy and dragging yourself throughout the day.

Vemma P.M also helps you to go to sleep! This is a wonderful drink that you can take before you go to bed. You will notice the difference in the morning.


“My alarm clock normally wakes me up (at 6 a.m.), but I purposely did not put it on last night and this morning woke up at 6:03 a.m. refreshed and invigorated!** The only thing I did different is take my Vemma PM! Awesome!”

Ellis Hubbard
Brand Partner, Houston, TX

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