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Mangosteen Might Be the Secret to a Healthier Life


If you’re like most North Americans, chances are you have never heard of mangosteen.

But mangosteen has been used in China as medicine for YEARS.

And it contains an almost record breaking number of antioxidants!

Mangosteen is one of the staples of an Indonesian diet.

And to think, this super fruit might be Indonesia’s best kept secret.

If you HAVE heard of mangosteen, it’s probably because the fruit has been in the news lately. The highly successful Vemma Health Juice features it as one of its main ingredients – using a unique processing technique which maintains all of the powerful nutrients. Learn more about the mangosteen juice formula here.

What is Mangosteen?

Growing to the size of a tangerine, the mangosteen fruit is comparable in appearance to a pomegranate. The mangosteen tree is a tropical evergreen tree that grows to a height of 7-25m. Mangosteen fruit is ready to be eaten when the rind is a deep reddish purple color. The taste of mangosteen when ripe is tangy and sweet – similar to that of a peach.

The part of mangosteen that is typically eaten does not have all the nutrients and minerals. The rind and the hull of the mangosteen is its phenomenal part. This part of the fruit is what makes supplements containing mangosteen so powerful.

Mangosteen Benefits

Although you may not have heard of it, the mangosteen fruit contains many of these essential vitamins.

So why has the mangosteen been given so much media attention lately? What makes it so beneficial to your health? Mangosteen’s secret is that it contains many types of antioxidants called “xanthones”. These are compounds that occur very rarely in nature and the majority of them occurring in only two families of plants. Over 40 xanthones have been discovered in mangosteen fruit! Each xanthone has unique health benefits, but they all work together to give your body the strength it needs to survive.

What are the benefits of the xanthones in mangosteen?

1)      Anti-inflammatory: helps to ward off illnesses and keeps you as healthy as possible.

2)      Anti-allergic: helps dull the infuriating sting of allergic reactions.

3)      Antioxidants: helps to prevent heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses by eliminating free radicals.

Mangosteen “Queen of Fruit”

If you HAVE heard of mangosteen, maybe you’ve heard it referred to as “Queen of Fruit.” Why is this?

The appropriate nickname originates from when Queen Victoria was on her throne. She heard about the amazing mangosteen, and craved to taste this delicious fruit. She would reward anyone 100 pounds sterling if they could bring it to her. No one was able to make her wish come true, and sadly the Queen never had a chance to taste the magnificent mangosteen.

Lucky you! Today, juices such as Vemma are giving you an opportunity to try the legendary flavor and benefits of mangosteen. Something the queen herself missed out on.

Treat yourself to the flavor of mangosteen juice.

Treat your body to the benefits.

Learn more about the benefits of antioxidants, and the importance of a healthy diet further on our site.

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